About Us

A Concierge Doctor becomes the source for all things medical. Essentially, a doctor becomes a trusted friend, advocate and stand fully prepared to help you as a Patient navigate the complex healthcare system. In the event of emergencies, hospital care is closely monitored, and specialists are often personally briefed and debriefed by your concierge doctor on your behalf. Even if you (a Patient) have insurance, you still do not have access to care. You can have all the insurance you want. You still cannot get in to see the doctor. This is why thousands of people are now actively searching for a Concierge Doctor.

They also discover that out-of-pocket costs to this type of doctor can actually save them thousands of dollars a year. At the same time, you as a patient can have your doctors cell phone on speed dial. “If Concierge Medicine is about super servant-hood, then it has nothing to apologize for. People deserve to have access to a physician who spends the time necessary to gather appropriate insight about patients. People deserve transparency. They deserve answers to difficult questions. People deserve accurate information, especially when it concerns their health. Simply searching the web in today’s convoluted environment leads to inaccurate assumptions, misinterpretations, harms reputations and undermines the confidence that patients have in their physicians and local medical facilities they trusted. Concierge Medicine has been around for more than 20 years and it works to solve many of these problems

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